Schattenlieder – Eine kleine Nachtmusik für Berggeister und Waldteufel


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Three years after Sturmpercht released their cult-album „”Geister im Waldgebirg”“ the masters of ALPINE FOLK were back with their album “„Schattenlieder – eine kleine Nachtmusik für Waldteufel und Berggeister“. The album features 20 diverse and unique songs full of alpine mystic, heathen legends and tales about strange fairies and pagan rites. “Schattenlieder” entrains you into deep forests, arcane mountains and dark chasms and guides you to hidden places in the depth of the central European forests, where hunters meet strange creatures from dusk til dawn. The atmosphere of the album varies between gnarled songs about creepy fairies, catchy folk hymns and dark songs about the hard life in high alpine regoins. The lyrics deal with alpine myths, forest tales and hunter sagas. “Schattenlieder” is the perfect “soundtrack” for misty autumn evenings as well as for dark winter nights. The album features a large variety of instruments and sounds: obscure, strange, folky, psychedelic, but always original and weird, in Sturmpercht’s very unique way. “Schattenlieder” is a completely unpredictable album – each track is a “standalone”, but contributes to the overall ambience of this alpine folk masterpiece and in the end the album creates a round, whole atmosphere. With almost 80 minutes of scary/dreamy folk songs, the album definitely sets a new benchmark within the Alpine Folk genre.

On “Schattenlieder” Sturmpercht proudly introduced their new band-member: Waldwuudz alias cz of Vinterriket / Atomtrakt / Nebelkorona / Dannagoischd / Battle Dagorath…
“Schattenlieder” was supported by several Sturmpercht-friends, first of all Gerhard Hallstatt, who helped the band a lot from the beginning on, Markus Wolff (Waldteufel), Arnica, and Meri Tadic of Eluveitie.

– 3-sided double LP in gatefold cover with etched vinyl on the 4th side.
– CD in digipak with lyric booklet

LP and CD include free download!