Geister im Waldgebirg


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“Geister im Waldgebirg” is a journey through the deepest central-European forests and mountains with all their strange creatures, fairies, myths and legends. The sounds and lyrics on this album are engrained in old traditional rites and cults, in hunters-legends and in tales from darkest woods and the people living there. The song styles vary from powerful Martial-Folk hymns, over fragile Folk-ballads, to weird songs about strange people and creepy animals. Features Axel Frank (Werkraum) with his perfect guitar and flute playing and his skillful hands in mixing, as well as Allerseelen, Sangre Cavallum and Waldteufel. This album will be your closest friend in dark and frosty winter nights!

2014 reissue of Sturmpercht’s wondrous 2006 debut album. All songs are completely remastered, most songs have newly-recorded parts or have additional vocals and instruments.

– 3 deluxe double LP editions in ice-crystal black splatter vinyl, housed in a unique, megaheavy VELVET gatefold (1500g/m2 carton!) with embossed silver print + foldout-inlay.
The white and brown editions with silver hotfoil-embossing are limited to 100 copies each, the platin velvet edition with golden hotfoil-embossing is limited to 50 copies – SOLDOUT
– 4 deluxe CD editions (white, green, or brown covers), 3 of them limited to 150 copies. All editions come in a stunning velvet hardcover CDbook with embossed silver print + foldout-booklet. The platin velvet edition with golden metallic print was limited to 75 copies – SOLDOUT

LP and CD include free download!
The download also includes the hit song „Das letzte Zapfenmanderl“ as bonus-song.